Monday, 9 January 2012


Welcome to Glitterism, a brand new beauty blog for 2012. I'm a self-confessed cosmetic addict, who wants to let everyone know the 'real deal' on products, no matter the circumstances I will give my complete  and honest opinion on any of my postings. I'm someone who is completely in touch with the 'real world' I don't always wear tonnes of makeup when I go out and I am just like everyone else, I get awful skin and hair days, I don't always want to put loads of makeup on just to go to work/ university/ shopping. I hope you enjoy my blog which will be hopefully updated regularly with new reviews/ hauls/ what ever else (of course like everyone else providing I have the funds to buy new things). I am not a makeup artist and do not have anything to do with the cosmetic industry, I just like to try out new cosmetics!

So this is my first official post on my first and new blog, hope you enjoy and hopefully this blog will help you make decisions on products you are unsure on trying in the future.


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