Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Cosmetic organisation - Lori Greiner Tabletop Spinning Cosmetic Organiser

So, is anyone the same? Have loads of makeup stored away in drawers etc hiding away. Well this might be of interest to you :)
I recently bought this organiser off of QVC, and I don't honestly know how I ever managed with out it, it's brilliant it's just the right size to sit on top of a desk, and it spins, it's a fab table spiny cosmetic holder!
The compartments come in different sizes on the device which is ideal if you have cosmetic items of different sizes. The only thing bad I have to say (which isn't really a negative just personal preference, is that it would be nice if it came in different colours and not just in the white).

Here is mine:
I have a little way to go to getting it filled completely and still have loads of room left!

For the £21.00 I paid, I think (even though its only January) it's the best organiser I will buy all year!
If you are in the market for something to hold your makeup items, definitely give this consideration :)

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Blog sale

Yes, I know my blog is brand new, but I'm going to IMATS in February and need to free up some space to put new products, all items will have how many times they've been used, price and any other information needed. All prices are for the items and an additional £1.60 P&P (to cover all costs) will be need to get them shipped to you first class.
If you are interested in any of the items drop me an email : glitterisms@gmail.co.uk. I'll get them sent out as soon as possible (more likely the next day via first class post). If you want to group things together let me know!

Paypal only please, any more info please drop me an email.

Unfortunately all items will only be sent to UK addresses. 

15 Jan 2012 Update: I have made some prices even lower all must go before 3rd Feb :)!

 Illamaqua pure pigment in Chasm,
 never used, though I've thrown away the box, will be sealed well.
Illamasqua Liquid metal in Phenomena 
Swatched once, with a brush, never touched eye. box included.

Elizabeth Arden eyeshadow palette
Used numerous times (as seen here), none of the shadows have hit pan, the peach & brown used the most
the other two hardly touched, no box, pretty natural colours!

 Sugarpill single eyeshadow, black, Bulletproof
Swatched once with a brush, no box
Illamasqua sheer lipgloss Electrify
Swatched once, box is in bad condition but is included.

Illamasqua sheer lipgloss, Rouse
Never used, no box.

Will sell both lipglosses for £13!
They retail for £13 ea. 
Mini Benefit Posy tint.
Bought as a set of three, swatched once. 
This is a mini 0.13 oz bottle of product not the full size
I have 3 Barry M dazzle dusts 
for sale: 
#5, #23,#11
hardly touched, obviously they don't come with a box.
all 3 for £6.00?

Urban Decay, Single shadow, Uzi.
Used as seen, still quite a lot left. No Box

Illamasqua. Single Shadow. Synth.
Used as seen. No box. 2g.

None beauty related:
Note: these will have a slightly more expensive postage.
These items have been sat on my shelf since August, I paid around £6 for each of them so £3 is a steal!

Brand new as seen

Brand new as seen

Brand New as Seen

Monday, 9 January 2012


Welcome to Glitterism, a brand new beauty blog for 2012. I'm a self-confessed cosmetic addict, who wants to let everyone know the 'real deal' on products, no matter the circumstances I will give my complete  and honest opinion on any of my postings. I'm someone who is completely in touch with the 'real world' I don't always wear tonnes of makeup when I go out and I am just like everyone else, I get awful skin and hair days, I don't always want to put loads of makeup on just to go to work/ university/ shopping. I hope you enjoy my blog which will be hopefully updated regularly with new reviews/ hauls/ what ever else (of course like everyone else providing I have the funds to buy new things). I am not a makeup artist and do not have anything to do with the cosmetic industry, I just like to try out new cosmetics!

So this is my first official post on my first and new blog, hope you enjoy and hopefully this blog will help you make decisions on products you are unsure on trying in the future.